do you mind

How many times do we tempt Satan to tempt us? Spiritual corruption (resulting from carnal behavior) affects every aspect of our life. The problem is, sometimes we have the habit of focusing on the wrong things and managing sin instead of turning back to the warmth of God’s favor. When we are not seeking Christ first, and allowing Him to ordain our thoughts, we suffer an emotional condition with a mind set that cannot rest. But God is able to speak a new word into our life, and a new life out of His word. So rest in Him, and keep your mind from repeating the same defeating.

Lord, we pray to feel the passion of Your presence, that Your heart be in our mind, and Your mind in our heart. With and in Your mighty loving name of Jesus Christ we ask and pray.



It’s true that in Him all things consist (Col 1:17). And that goes for our marriages too…with the fact that “in Him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28) as one in Christ Jesus. 

Faith in action

When drought hit a farming community, they called a prayer meeting especially to pray for rain. While all the grownups wore sunglasses, faith made a little girl take her umbrella. Faith isn’t just what you say, it’s what you do. And not just doing it, but trusting God can do it through you.
If you think about it, faith is kind of like money; it’s the currency of God’s kingdom. You must have it to do business with God. So exercise your faith daily with action in any given situation.

Motivating Motives

In the first verse of Leviticus chapter 16, God speaks of the death of Nadab and Abihu (Aaron’s sons). Verse 12 says that God instructed Aaron to take the fire from the altar and put it in the incense. In other words, the fire for the incense offered to God was to come from the fire that God had kindled (Lev 9:24). But Aaron’s sons had grabbed strange fire to offer to the Lord (Lev 10:1). They offered fire of their own doings and not of God’s. God doesn’t want our strange fire, so it’s always important to examine our motives for Him. Is there any fire that is motivating you other than what God has kindled, and kindled in your heart? Maybe we should examine our motives by what’s motivating us. Like the old saying goes, you play with fire, you get burnt.

grace that pervades

There’s an experience of life that exceeds worldly existence. It’s a transforming Truth by sustaining grace that pervades our being with a passion of His presence. And it’s in that presence our character takes on a conforming shape the size of Christ’s heart.

the action of reaction

According to the law of the jungle, those capable of ruling by force should do so. But the Christian is called to do something that nobody in their carnal mind would. And that’s the act of loving those who are actively antagonistic towards us. However, loving the unlovable requires a little more than my self is capable of. But there’s no incapacity of God’s capability when it comes to pouring out His love in our hearts to do so. And it’s in that doing so, we must be the reaction of the action making us more Christlike.


It’s easier to forgive an enemy you seldom see than a loved one you live with. But the power of forgiveness is an awesome thing, no relationship can survive without it, much less thrive. Whatever the issue, forgiveness takes the weapon out of Satan’s hand, and open the door for God to work in the situation.

Laying down the Law

Love is the fulfilling of the law (Rom 13:10) in us (Rom 8:4) because of Rom 5:5 (the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit).
The law is the expression of God’s righteousness with His consistent characteristics of the Holy Spirit – where by it is no longer bondage of the law to keep from doing wrong, but freedom in Christ desiring to do right.

merely dependent

My faith may plead God’s promises and expect an answer, but it must be God’s answer, not mine. There must not be any dictating, nor can we blab it and grab it from God, for we are merely dependent upon His sovereignty. In all our praying we should always maintain the desire of His will in submission to the purpose thereof.


Waiting leads you to lean on God; to listen to Him and be sensitive to the changes He wants to bring about in your life. God is a God of reality, our reality, and waiting allows God to bring about one event so another can happen. Our problems are no problem for God, so don’t go and pass up His opportunity to work in your waiting.